Setting new standards with predictive building control.

Our vision

“The future needs a net carbon-free society”.

Natural resources are limited and climate change mitigation imposes clear goals on worldwide CO2 emission reduction by 2050. Energy efficiency will play a crucial role to meet the short term goals because despite our efforts to replace fossil fuels by renewable sources the global emissions are still growing.

A transition is required in all domains and layers of our society, We believe this transition is an incentive for radical innovation, the spark for positive change. Shifting towards a carbon-free society is an opportunity to stimulate our economy as well as to create more social equality

Our mission

“Applying predictive control on buildings to reduce environmental impact and cost while improving user comfort”.

Energy use in buildings is a key contributor to global CO2 emissions. Even in new and modern buildings, bad control and operation often increase energy use by 20% and more. DeltaQ has developed predictive control algorithms that drastically change how buildings operate. Our innovative solutions improve thermal comfort for the occupants, create control transparency for operators and allow buildings to interact flexibly with the grid. We have the knowledge, means and commitment to set new standards for building performance.

It is our ambition to make our technology widely available and contribute to the energy transition, with a win-win for all stakeholders. DeltaQ wants to make the difference.

“By granting us 2.5 million euro, the European Commission recognizes DeltaQ as an innovative solution that will help the European real estate sector to reach reach 2030 climate objectives.”

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Werner Koninckx

Chairman Board

Piet Colruyt

Board Member

Ron Schuermans

Board Member

Khadija Nadi

Chief Executive Officer

Roel De Coninck

Co-Founder & Head of Technology


Khadija Nadi

Chief Executive Officer

Jan Jansen

Chief Financial Officer

Geert Esselens

Chief Operations Officer

Dean Maw

Chief Product Officer

Juliana Ruparelia

Chief Commercial Officer

Stephane Jans

Chief Technology Officer


Dirk Devriendt

Co-Founder & CIO

Matthijs De Deygere

Co-founder & Project Manager

Els Depoortere

Human Resources Manager

Axel Rimkus

Sales Director Western Europe

Christine Langlais

Technical Project Manager

Ando Andriamamonjy

Building Control Expert

Marieke de Groot

Inbound Marketeer

Jared Marquita

Marketing Assistant

Maxime Noël

Development Trainee

Roel De Coninck

Co-Founder & Director of AI

Elke de Backer

Executive Assistant to CEO

Benjamin De Dycker

Senior Manager

Jules Hammenecker

Technical Project Manager

Frank Pots

Technical Project Manager

Carlos Andrade

Building Control Expert

Merve Bektas

Marketing Creative

Henricus Basien

All-round Developer


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