Assets & property management

A.I. to boost your real estate performance and value.


Improve the comfort level of your real estate

DeltaQ delivers a comfortable workspace environment for your tenants and reduces comfort complaints to a minimum.

Increase your property value with minimal CapEx

DeltaQ increases the value of your property with little to no CapEx by improving comfort and saving energy for your tenants. Energy cost savings far outweigh DeltaQ fees.

Attract top-level tenants

DeltaQ not only lowers energy bills and CO2 emissions, but also provides you with clear reporting to support you in signing top-level tenants with ambitious CSR targets.



SODEXO Belgium


Plaine 15

Floor area

9,732 m²

DeltaQ activation


Key results

  • 75% less comfort complaints
  • Gas savings of 1,285 MWh or 46%
    Electricity savings of 684 MWh or 25%
  • Total CO2 emission reduction of 586 ton or 32.5%


DeltaQ is offered as a combination of a one-off activation fee and a yearly subscription fee.

We aim to offer DeltaQ service at a payback time less than 1 year for the first year (including the one-off activation fee) and less than 6 months as from year two.

To support that aim, we cap the yearly subscription fee to a percentage of the actual savings, thereby eliminating any financial risk for you as a client. The lower the actual savings, the less you will be charged. *

* Conditions subject to project specific characteristics.

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Because of their central role in building and occupant data collection, building management systems are key in lots of the smart building services offered nowadays. With BACnet and other open data communication protocols, the world of building automation and control is slowly moving towards better connectivity. Despite these initiatives, having a truly open building control / BMS still depends largely on the specific configuration. With DeltaQ, we advise you on how to obtain a 100% open and future-proof building control / BMS, allowing you to give access to any third party application without the need for additional investments or expensive configuration.

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