Facility management & maintenance

Predictive control facilitating your day-to-day building management tasks.


Gain time

DeltaQ’s self-learning algorithms learn how a building behaves under varying internal and weather conditions. It will automatically and continuously optimize setpoints to anticipate outdoor temperature, solar irradiance, occupant behaviour, etc. This saves you precious time and reduces the number of comfort complaints

Improve your service

DeltaQ supports your contractual commitments and helps you improve your service. Our predictive control algorithms find the proper balance between comfort and energy savings and have no problem with the increasing complexity of energy systems in buildings.

Get better insights

DeltaQ provides detailed operational dashboards with advanced analytics, alert functionalities and even forecasted building conditions. Better insights allow you to identify key issues faster and help you prioritize your maintenance tasks.


DeltaQ is offered as a combination of a one-off activation fee and a yearly subscription fee.

We aim to offer DeltaQ service at a payback time less than 1 year for the first year (including the one-off activation fee) and less than 6 months as from year two.

To support that aim, we cap the yearly subscription fee to a percentage of the actual savings, thereby eliminating any financial risk for you as a client. The lower the actual savings, the less you will be charged. *

* Conditions subject to project specific characteristics.

How we make a difference

DeltaQ’s self-learning algorithms learn how a building behaves under varying internal and weather conditions. DeltaQ will continuously maximize energy cost savings while ensuring optimal comfort.

During night-time DeltaQ will ensure just in time cooling of your building which results in an optimal energy consumption and a comfortable workplace.

DeltaQ will steer your heating system to reach the preferred temperature for working, just in time. By synchronising with weather predictions DeltaQ will optimize energy consumption.

Why people love DeltaQ

DeltaQ reduced our energy costs with 30% while significantly improving comfort and reducing the time we spend on operating the building’s energy systems.

Patrick Uytterhoeven

Director Hard Facility management Sodexo Belgium

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