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Evidence based support for real estate developers with a vision on comfort and sustainability.


Bridge the performance gap

New buildings are often using a lot more energy in operation than expected in the design phase. Badly adjusted controls are an important cause for this. DeltaQ helps you bridge this “performance gap” and meet the design objectives.

Save time and money on configuration

No need to program a wide variety of building control scenarios. DeltaQ optimizes controls continuously by anticipating on variations in the circumstances. Furthermore, DeltaQ opens the building control system / BMS for other smart building applications.

Get additional sustainability credits

DeltaQ helps you to meet sustainability label requirements (BREEAM, WELL, etc.). Having an A.I software solution in place to boost building performance is a testimonial for the innovative character of your company.

How it works

DeltaQ continuously optimizes your building controls, combining forecast data and Artificial Intelligence to match user needs.



Our gateway brings your building data to the cloud.



Our software learns how your building and its users behave.



Our algorithms anticipate and optimize your building controls.

Why people love DeltaQ

DeltaQ reduced our energy costs with 30% while significantly improving comfort and reducing the time we spend on operating the building’s energy systems.

Patrick Uytterhoeven

Director Hard Facility management Sodexo Belgium

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