“The reality is that 90% of the buildings today will still be there in 2050” – CEO Khadija Nadi on WorkBold podcast

Sun, palm trees, endless beaches, and real estate owners, proptech companies, and entrepreneurs: we are talking about MIPIM Cannes. DeltaQ gladly joined other companies with a mission in the dedicated Road-to-Zero zone at Europe’s biggest event for real estate professionals. We loved meeting (potential) customers, innovators, and thought leaders in the field to learn and exchange. Our CEO, Khadija Nadi, also talked to Caleb Parker from the WorkBold podcast, on the challenges for real estate on the road to net zero, and what we, as a company, have learned from that. Interested to know more about DeltaQ’s insights in the market?


The reality is that 90% of the buildings today will still be there in 2050

Did you know that 85 – 95% of today’s buildings in Europe will still be used in 2050? The real challenge for the real estate sector in achieving its net-zero targets is not (only) building sustainable new buildings. The real challenge is retrofitting our existing buildings to comply with pressing legislation. This is exactly the area DeltaQ focuses on.

Khadija Nadi and Caleb Parker at MIPIM Cannes 2023. 

Listen to the full episode ‘How to retrofit your offices for net-zero’

Would you love to learn more about what differentiates DeltaQ from other software solutions, our biggest insights so far, and what difference the word ‘customer’ makes in thinking about and working within the real estate sector? Please listen to the entire episode on retrofitting your offices for net zero with Khadija Nadi below.

DeltaQ is the proud sponsor of the WorkBold MIPIM miniseries.

At DeltaQ, we believe in a net-zero future. And we believe that the only way to achieve that is by doing it together.

“It’s not a problem that will be solved only by DeltaQ or only by the landlord or only by the facility manager or property manager. It is really something you have to do together. The technology is there, that is not the issue, but the behavior and the change, that is the challenging part.” – Khadija Nadi

And because we want to accelerate change, DeltaQ is – in addition to being a guest on the podcast – a proud sponsor of WorkBold’s miniseries recorded at MIPIM Cannes, 2023. Host Caleb Parker talks to 10 innovation leaders that challenge the status quo within real estate for the better. He asks them about their boldest predictions for the future of real estate. You can listen to the entire podcast series on WorkBold’s website.