Software Craftsperson with an Ops orientation

We are the product engineering team of DeltaQ. Our mission is to help businesses reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings. We do this by making software that takes control of the HVAC equipment and applies model predictive control for optimal energy efficiency.

We are a purpose-driven team continuously looking for the highest value – in our mission, and in our way of working. We have the ambition to continuously Accelerate (inspired by the book, indeed) our product engineering, borrowing practices from Lean Startup, DDD, XP, and DevOps. We think and work from first principles, continuously looking for ways to improve our product, our people, and our processes – supported by psychological safety.


We are looking for a software craftsperson with an Ops orientation to help us scale our operations.



  • Share our purpose
  • Love building and scaling software products
  • Get energy from coding stuff that matters whilst especially caring about the ops part of things – we all share the ops burden, but you’re the champion
  • Are versed in taking a team towards technical excellence on the ops aspects
  • Have what it takes to work in our technical environment (Python, React.js, Node.js, GraphQL, MySQL, InfluxDB, Redis, Docker, K8S, cloud (mainly IaaS, currently GCP), Raspberry Pi, Sentry, Splunk)
  • Have sufficient flying hours in diverse environments under your belt so you know what it takes to get our team to that level (probably close to 10 years)
  • Live +/- 1 timezone away from Brussels and can travel to Brussels via a low-emission transportation means


We offer…

  • The thrill of being part of the journey of a scale-up that wants to make a dent
  • The satisfaction of contributing to the mitigation of climate change
  • The inspiration of working with talented people in a diverse and international team
  • The fulfillment of inspiring and influencing our engineering choices
  • The joy of continuously improving yourself and others
  • The flexibility of working remotely and accommodating working hours
  • The security of fair financial and non-financial rewards


This description is a conversation starter. If it resonates with you, we need to talk.

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Working with DeltaQ

It is our ambition to make our technology widely available and contribute to the energy transition, with a win-win for all stakeholders. DeltaQ wants to make the difference.

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